Book Review: Atomic Habits

This book was awesome for someone who loves to improve their productivity and is always aiming to do the most in less time, and make it easier (Who doesn’t?). There are so many tips and tricks and I love the explanation behind why/how they work, or stories of people who have used them. You’ll find in the book exactly what is advertised.

In terms of learning, I learned loads. However, I was disappointed at the lack of examples that were women’s stories. As a woman, I would’ve loved some examples that take into consideration situations unique to women. Or apply the tips to a common woman’s issue. The habit-building tips, to put it lightly, were for ‘normal’ life but that life is largely based off of a man’s. 

I don’t discredit the value of reading this book, I think it can be super helpful and there are so many tips that anyone can apply to their lives. I’ve definitely noted lots of ideas for myself! I think the only way to make this book worthwhile though, is to constantly refer to it, take notes, make plans with its suggestions. Otherwise, it’s just another good read for temporary motivation.


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