Book Review: Invisible Women, Data Bias in a World Designed for Men

Wow, what a read, I STRONGLY recommend reading this book! Please read!! Both women and men! After reading this, I feel like I’m noticing so many more instances of misogyny and discrimination towards women, even in a country like Canada that considers itself to be advanced in women’s equality. Public bathrooms (or lack of), grocery shopping, natural disasters, parking lots, medicine production, these are all areas discussed in the book. You may think that they’re unrelated to women specifically – your thoughts will be proved wrong. 

I like to pride myself as a women’s health and rights advocate, I do consider myself knowledgeable in a plethora of issues specific to women, but of course, there are so many more issues that I had not even considered. Hats off to the author, Caroline Criado Perez, for writing an amazing book, backed up by hundreds of research papers (although reading her book has shown me that there needs to be many more research papers available). She’s done an amazing job making concrete statements supported by tons of evidence and suggestions of what should be implemented to make a change. I’m honestly baffled, and while there is a lot of work to do in Canada as well, my heart hurts for women all over the world who are suffering so much more. 

Recommend this book to your male colleagues, your friends, to your brothers, and fathers – it’s SO important that these biases and injustices are pointed out, that BOTH women AND MEN are aware of them. I’m a firm believer that to spark a change, we first need the knowledge, and this book provides so much of it. 


I’d give 6/5 stars if I could, this is a must-read!

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