Book Review: Why We sleep

I went into a science degree super interested in the brain. Truly, I still think it’s magic how much this noggin of ours can do. In my psychology and neurobiology classes, I learned that science doesn’t have a definitive answer for why we sleep, but we know that without it, we die (eventually). So, when I saw this book, I was like “Wow, groundbreaking research, a must read.”

Not to my surprise, the author also mentions that we don’t have a definitive answer, but we sure have lots of support for getting adequate, and good quality sleep. Not the best read during a time in your life when you’re staying up super late and getting up super early. Or maybe it’s a great time, because this book will make you stop doing that. And as someone who has read this book, please start prioritizing your sleep!

I recommend this book if you’re interested in the consequences of poor sleeping habits (like increasing your chances of getting cancer?), if you need someone to really give you a wake-up call to improve your sleep, if you prioritize work (or maybe bad habits) over your sleep, or if you’re simply curious about why we dedicate a third of our day to sleep. You don’t need to be a scientist to understand, the author does a great job of communicating complicated molecular processes to any reader.


Half a star off only because I thought the author was sometimes writing just to show off.

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