Four Fall Dates to Enjoy the Season With Your Boo! (Super Easy & Cheap)

It’s October 27, and Autumn has fully set in with the beautiful orange, brown and red hues. It’s a little chilly, but still tolerable. I’m feeling super cozy, and rainy days are making me want to crawl into a little nook with a fluffy blanket, warm coffee, and a good book. Then I see my loving boyfriend who doesn’t have the same patience for reading, looking at me, maybe I should get out of this nook and have some fun with him too? LOL

All jokes aside, I love Fall dates! I think the colours are lovely, the temperature isn’t too hot, there are fewer people outside, there are pumpkin treats everywhere, and it feels kind of like a reset period. 

When the weather is nice, just cloudy and not raining, I love to go outside. However, in my region, there are also plenty of rainy days in the Fall. So, my favourite four dates during this season are a mix of both indoor and outdoor activities. 

I won’t keep rambling, here are four easy and dreamy Fall dates:

Photo by Adam Neumann on Unsplash


Of course, a hiking date is the first on the list. What’s more beautiful than taking a walk with the leaves falling all around you? With the beautiful orange, red, and brown leaves that haven’t fallen off yet, framing your path?

Fall hiking, dare I say, is better than summer hiking. The colours are richer, and you’re not sweating like mad. You can wear warm clothes, protecting you from incessant bug bites. And, you don’t have bright and strong sunlight in your face creating unflattering shadows (we know a good picture or two with your partner is a must). 

Do a quick google search for nature trails near you, and see which is the closest and maybe the cheapest for you to get in to. As long as there are lots of trees, it’ll be a sweet hike. There doesn’t always have to be an amazing sight like a waterfall, or peak, but these are great bonuses!

If you can spare a week day for this, even better. There are way fewer people on trails during the week. Less people makes it easier to take cute couple shots without feeling embarrassed or bothersome. And, you can freely talk together!

Apple/Pumpkin Picking

It’s pumpkin and apple season in Canada! Our farms are bursting with fresh produce! Get your partner and drive to the nearest pumpkin patch or apple farm (sometimes there are farms that have both). 

Walk around together and look for the most perfect pumpkins to carve. Or pick the juiciest and crunchiest apples to bake a crispy apple pie. Hold hands walking through the rows of trees and fall in love all over again.

When you get home, the date continues! You can start carving those pumpkins and see who can make a better face. Put the carved pumpkins out on display after, either in your home or outside, so your loved ones or neighbors can also tell you who they think made the better pumpkin. You can even save the pumpkin fillings to make delicious pumpkin pie.

If you go apple-picking, you can make the most delicious and fresh apple pie. Don’t forget to snack on them too. Enjoy the fruit of your hard work together!

Photo by Ondrej Bocek on Unsplash

Bookshop date

I wouldn’t be a reading-nook lover, if I didn’t suggest a bookshop date. Bookshops are the best because they have every kind of book, for any type of reader (for impatient ones like my boyfriend too!).

Go to your nearby bookstore, bonus point if it’s a second-hand book store where you might find some beautiful old gems. Look through every single shelf and title, find one each that you’re both dying to get your hands on.

If you’re in a big book store, you might be able to find a makeshift nook for the two of you to sit comfortably and start reading your new finds. If it’s a really fancy bookstore, there might be a café in it where you should definitely treat yourselves to a hot drink while you read!

If you’re in a smaller store, you should purchase your books, and walk to a new café that you’ve never tried before! Buy two delicious drinks, and find the coziest corner of the café to sit down and enjoy your drink, your book, and each other’s company. 

This is a super fun, inexpensive date to get to know a little more about each other’s interests. To get comfortable just being in each other’s presence, without feeling the need to be doing the same thing. 

Photo by Pylz Works on Unsplash

Scary movie date night

Autumn is ~spooky season~ so absolutely you have to have a night together of watching movies that’ll give you some bad nightmares.

You can go to the movie theater and watch the latest horror movie. Buy some popcorn or your favourite chocolates/candy, and get ready for some fun!

If you want a night in, pick that horror movie you just can’t watch alone. Pop some microwavable popcorn, pick your coziest blanket, and you’re ready for your simple and festive Fall date! 


So, which date are you already planning? These are the easiest, inexpensive, and entertaining dates during the Fall season. Don’t let the post-summer blues get to you, sweater weather can be just as fun – it’s heavy-jacket weather that we got to worry about, LOL.

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